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Welcome to my website. Whether you've dropped by to take a look at some of my photographs, some of my, most likely short lived, and painfully unfunny, comics or simply because I mentioned it to you enough times that you thought it only right to at least have a look once - well, thanks for taking the time. My hope is that my website can be a sort of digital scrapbook for any and all half baked creative ideas, while also serving as a portfolio of some of my favorite work. However, as I'm just getting this project off the ground, it is presently more like a large book with only one chapter - and a rather lousy one at that, but keep checking back, for this will someday resemble an entire lousy book - or my name is not the rob norton.

The Writing

Now Open Your Eyes

Trying to figure out how many times I live….Was it only Once? That seems rather important. It’s amazing how many times I can forget… I don’t feel like I’m getting older. I’m simply dying, like everything else. I just happen to be getting closer now. This shouldn’t make me feel like I’m old. In years until I’m dead, I’m younger than I’ve ever been. If this isn’t the time to be reckless, then when is?

Drink shots at the bar too late – because the cute bartender pushes them over to you with her fingertips while no one is looking. Keep drinking. Even though that voice is telling you that nothing comes after this. Nothing good that you’ll remember. Shes a bartender, after all. You’ve learned things about that. But you order another. And not ‘one more’.

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Shit, It’s Raining

I want to start by calling the following “Millennial Art”. It doesn’t mean anything but it makes fun of a large group of people for no reason and a large group of people really find that sort of thing necessary to feel good about themselves or fit in or god knows, so that was for them. Look, I’m conforming – we’re all conforming because that’s what we all do. If we could just figure out how to shit from the same asshole we’d be done with this whole evolution game…

Seriously though, it’s been harder to write these days – the world does seem to be such a worse place than it was just 15 years ago. Back when not every idiot had a blog to help share their uninformed opinions. Back before the social media boom gave that same ignorant voice to anybody with a phone and 10 seconds to spew uninformed hatred.

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The Photography

Photography is my specialty, specifically residential and commercial real estate photography which you can see more of by clicking here, but this website is dedicated to my other photography. The sort you'd usually have to pay large sums of money to see in some of the worlds odder galleries.

Whether it's mundane household articles, animals; stuffed or otherwise, toys; stuffed or otherwise or simply unstuffed unmundane non household articles, the rob norton has got you covered with a myriad of photographs of everything & nothing and most things in between.

So take a look around the site, we are constantly updating our content, and see what it is you most dislike but before you leave make sure to take a look at some of my most recent photography projects right here.

UPDATE: Good news the rob norton groupies! New photo content will be coming over the next few months. It's our special way of saying thanks for your constant devotion. And has nothing to do with work being slow over those couple of months.

The Comics

Catch up on The Adventures of Mr. Nowhere, The Unfortunate Circumstances of Bob BuGung's Life, as seen through the eyes of his cat Perpetual Baby and, of course, The Ongoing Conflict of Zombie & Ghost. All right here in the comics.

Selling a business can be stressful. When it came time to bring in a photographer, Rob Norton understood the process we were going through and made the shoot a breeze. When we saw the photos we were even happier. I'd recommend his services to anyone.

-Sam Welke, Bar Owner

I have always admired Rob Norton for his affable manner and wonderful photography. I've even enjoyed his writing. But these comics are truly puzzling. Are they supposed to be funny? I would stop doing those, if I were him. I find them to be just terrible.

-Tim Breard, Count 4 Designs