On the Golden Globes

First off, I have to quickly explain why I’m writing about what somebody, somewhere probably refers to as the GG’s. Well, it’s not because I really have any great insights to share, although I have seen about 33% of the stuff they were talking about. And it’s not an excuse to talk about J-Los (wait, how do you spell J-Los) awesome dress, which I’m sure made quite a few people feel better about, well, a lot of things -for me it made J-Lo seem hot again. Which is comforting on some level because she was starting to seem maybe a little too old for that and I hate that new world -the world where J-lo is too old to be hot. I mean -who am I in that world? Who are we all? Aging and dying is who …it’s not a good world and J-Los dress let us know we are not there yet. Life is still worth living. But as I say that wasn’t why I wanted to spend a minute writing about the GG’s.

I wanted to take a minute to write about the GG’s because I was so bored watching that whole show last night, I just had to share it. It’s not like I’ve been watching my whole life or anything but, I mean, I watched last year and it was kinda fun…at least I think it was. Why would I remember enjoying it otherwise? And last night it was almost 4 hours of boring crap. It might have helped if I’d seen this show “The Affair.” I might be wrong but it seemed like it cleaned up and I had never heard of it and so took an instant dislike to everyone involved. Maybe not dislike -I just thought they were all ugly and boring and should suffer.

Or maybe it was the whole self-congratulatory celebrity vibe that was putting a damper on everything -which was really making me wish I had seen the times Ricky Gervais had hosted. He was a close third to J-los breasts on the list of reasons to be happy last night.

Probably the real problem was a lack of new tv series that I had never heard of or nominated films that looked they might be great. Maybe it’s always a little boring when there are no really great surprises and no one seems way too drunk. And when you look back on it there really is no reason to even write about it but now its too late -I already did. And, it too was not very good but included J-los dress and in the end, it made the whole thing seem better than it was. So, you’re welcome.